SyncPlus Redact

Data Loss Prevention across your mobile devices

SyncPlus Redact secures Exchange Server sensitive information

Complete Messaging SyncPlus Redact

Complete Messaging SyncPlus Redact is a content filter for Exchange ActiveSync

Helps reduce the risk of data loss when mobile devices are stolen or compromised

SyncPlus Redact protects company reputation by identifying and reducing incidents of sensitive data ex-filtration via ActiveSync, which increases both security of Exchange and awareness of sensitive data policies.

SyncPlus Redact acts as a sensitive content filter for ActiveSync, by detecting sensitive information such as credit card information, and government identification numbers, messages with specific message classifications, and can be customized to detect other sensitive data.
SyncPlus Redact can block sensitive data, or report on detection of sensitive data, or both.
SyncPlus Redact “redacts” sensitive content in emails by blocking the specific sensitive content, or blocking the affected area where the sensitive content exists, or blocking the entire message, based on frequency of occurrence.
SyncPlus Redact can report on incidents of synchronization of sensitive content, not only in email messages, but also calendar, contacts, and notes.
NEW: SyncPlus Redact can now block message content where the message has a specific message classification set, or message sensitivity, or other custom markings. Compatible with classification solutions, e.g. Titus, Boldon James.