SyncPlus Reveal

Enhancements for ActiveSync devices

SyncPlus Reveal improves user experience with Exchange Server

Complete Messaging SyncPlus Reveal

SyncPlus Reveal adds visual message property indicators

Give your mobile users a better e-mail triage experience

Do you want to increase user satisfaction of the mobile client? You can help users by improving message triage and informative action by user resulting in better user experience.

SyncPlus Reveal will show mobile users important properties of messages that the ActiveSync client may not show. Although ActiveSync is a pervasive protocol within mobile devices to access your email over the air, many device manufacturers vary on how messages are displayed, and as a result, there are important pieces of information not available to the end-user when trying to understand the context of a message.

Mobile clients may not show the sensitivity of the mail message (e.g. personal, private, and confidential), the classification of the mail message (e.g. official, top secret), the importance of the mail message (e.g. high, low), whether a delivery receipt or read receipt was requested, and more. How would your user’s handling of the mail message be affected by the sensitivity? Some properties could be unwittingly forwarded on to the next user.