E-mail client enhancements

Supercharge your e-mail clients


Set message options such as sensitivity, importance, and classification on your mobile device

Basic e-mail clients do not have options to set the sensitivity, the importance, the classification, and other critical properties of an e-mail message. Basic e-mail clients, like most smart phones, are not extensible. Custom apps may bridge the gap but are expensive and have additional costs in deployment, maintenance, and support.

ClassifyNinja is an Exchange Server transport agent that extends basic e-mail clients, by mapping special recipients to a message property such as classification.

ClassifyNinja handles classification, sensitivity, importance, and more. Note ClassifyNinja only works with on-premises deployments.

“ClassifyNinja enhances the mobile Microsoft Exchange experience,” said Glenn Smith, CTO Large Programme at CGI in the UK. “It allows us to add classifications to a message on a mobile device where the native iOS client has no support for this.”